Join Band!

Any incoming 6th grader is able to join band. All you need to do is mark it as your top choice when you get your electives sign-up. Check out just a few of the cool things we get to do throughout the year and some of the instruments you can play!

Gathering of Bands

KMS Concert Band travels to North Idaho College to perform with 150+ middle school band students!

Holiday Concert

We only got to have one concert at KHS before COVID-19 but it was a good one. Luckily Santa was there to save Christmas!

Homecoming 2019

KHS Band students during Homecoming 2019!

Jazz Festival

Jazz Band and Select Choir stayed in Moscow for two nights for the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival.


You can choose from Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, and Percussion. If there's another instrument you want to learn just ask Mr. Frazier.

Flute Demonstration

Beat-Boxing Flute


The Flute is a very versatile instrument and can be a challenge to play at first. But hard work pays off to let you play beautiful melodies and even beat box!


The Clarinet is one of the most important instruments in the band and gets to play the melody a lot. You might recognize Rhapsody in Blue from Fantasia 2000!

Clarinet Demonstration

Clarinet - Rhapsody In Blue

Saxophone Family

Saxophone Beat-Boxing


The Saxophone was invented in the 1860's by Adolphe Sax. There is a whole family of saxophones but we start with the alto and tenor saxophone in beginning band.


The Trumpet is one of oldest instruments even though it looks quite different than it's ancestors. If you like to be heard and aren't afraid to lead the trumpet might be for you.

Trumpet Demonstration

Trumpet Fanfare

French Horn Demonstration

French Horn at the Movies

French Horn

The French Horn is a sophisticated instrument and takes a great ear to be able to play. If you're interested in learning to play it you should start on trumpet to develop a good ear and basic embouchure.


The Trombone is the foundation of the band. Not only does it play lower than any other instrument in beginning band, it can play so loud! This is probably the coolest instrument to play!

Trombone Demonstration

Trombone Journey

Euphonium Demonstration

Euphonium - Uptown Funk

Baritone and Euphonium

The Baritone and Euphonium play in the same range as the trombone and even read the same music. If you enjoy playing melodies and playing big the Baritone or Euphonium is for you. The instruments are very similar but if you're interested in the difference check out this article.


The Tuba is not typically played in the beginning band because of it's large size. However, if you think that the Tuba could be right for you the Baritone is a great starter instrument because it uses all of the same notes and fingerings as the Tuba.

Tuba Demonstration

Titanic Tuba

Sorry, you can't play this one. :)

Percussion Demonstration

Marimba - Zelda


The Percussionist is one of the most versatile musicians. Not only do they need to know how to play on a snare drum but they will also learn how to read notes on the bells and will eventually learn to sit down at the drumset and rock! If you're responsible, independent, and a hard worker then percussion might be for you.